MON7 - HDMI Monitor with Touch Screen and Card Reader

MON7 is a 7 inches sized LCD display for use in the Public Transportation on board applications – AFC (Automated Fare Collection), Video surveilance etc. MON7 is based on 1024×600 IPS LCD with wide viewing angle (170 degrees) and high brightness – 600 nits. Other than these, MON7 has an integrated capacitive touch screen, 4W speaker and NFC reader – offers convenient user interface and driver authorization features. MON7 has two interface options: HDMI and VGA. MON7 is capable of displaying resolutions up to 1080p (digital) and WUXGA 1920 x 1080 VGA), by downscanning the larger resolutions to fit the 1024 x 600 panel.

MON7 has IP65 rating for dust and water protection. Special countermeasures have been taken to avoid the negative impact of the vibrations. Special attention is paid to the wide operating temperature range within the public transport vehicles – there have been chosen appropriate automotive grade components; the power supply blocks are based on highly efficient DC-DC converters, which reduces the dissipated heat energy.

All above mentioned features make MON7 an ideal choice for Public Transportation applications.

Driver display in Video surveillance systems in Public Transport vehicles
Driver display in AFC systems in Public Transport vehicles

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