AIC20 Passenger Counting Camera
AIC20 is a state-of-the-art AI based passenger counting camera for use in public transport vehicles – busses, trams, metros, trains, etc.
VAL70 AI-based Validator
VAL70 is an AI-powered public transport validator with NFC, facial recognition, and QR scanning for versatile ticketing, enhancing security and minimizing revenue loss while adhering to data protection laws.
MVR8 Mobile NVR
Mobile NVR MVR8 is a rugged NVR (network video recorder) for mobile surveillance. It supports real-time 1080p recording plus displaying of up to eight POE IP cameras and is  built on the latest advanced H.265 video encoding/decoding technologies, providing high-performance, rock-solid reliability and longer recording. 
MON7 Driver Display
MON7 is a 7-inch LCD driver display designed for use in public transportation vehicles. It is suitable for a variety of applications including Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems and video surveillance operations.
VAL35 Full-Featured Validator
VAL35 is a compact validator for automatic fare collection in public transport, featuring cashless payments via an EMV-certified NFC reader and a QR scanner that reads 1D and 2D codes from both paper and mobile screens.
DRT43 AI-based NFC Reader
Reader Terminal DRT43AI is a high performance face recognition and NFC terminal based on a powerful CPU with an integrated AI coprocessor. DRT43AI is capable of running high speed face recognition algorithms with anti-spoofing features, based on deep learning methods. For example, DRT43AI identifies a person among 100.000 recorded persons within only 500 milliseconds.
DCP101 AI Based Driver Computer
DCP101 is a state-of-the-art AI based driver computer that provides convenient management of the equipment belonging to the onboard AFC equipment. DCP101 is a consequence of vast experience and long studies in the field of AFC systems.
DRT43 NFC Reader Terminal
Reader Terminal DRT43 is a smart Linux terminal with NFC and contactless card reader, 4.3″ color TFT LCD, capacitive touch screen and a vast set of communication capabilities. It supports all parts of ISO14443A/B and ISO18092 (NFC). 


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