OBC2 - On Board Computer for Public Transport Vehicles

The recent developments in AFC in the public transport have brought an increasing demand for convenience, awareness, timeliness, flexibility and security both for passengers and institutions.
Hence the old concepts, based on equipping the busses just with validators, were abandoned. Currently in the modern AFC systems the board equipment on the public transport vehicles is being built of:

  • Board computer,
  • Ticket validators,
  • Ticket vending machine,
  • Driver control panel,
  • Passenger information displays (LED and LCD),
  • Video surveillance (DVR or NVR),
  • Other equipment.

The board computer plays a key role in the stated concept and besides the management functions, provides the necessary information and connectivity to the rest of the equipment. Those mentioned demands have driven us to develop the Board Computer, we present here – OBC2. It is a consequence of a vast experience and long studies in the AFC systems. In this context OBC2 provides the AFC equipment with:

  • LAN : interconnectivity trough the local onboard network,
  • WAN : remote connectivity, based on LTE/3G/GPRS/EDGE and Wi-Fi,
  • GPS : geographical information for the current vehicle position,
  • I/O : information, collected from the digital inputs and management of the digital outputs,
  • PWR : Clean, filtered power separately to each connected peripheral
  • UPS : in case of main power disconnection the entire system stays functional for 30 minutes.

Board computer in the AFC (Automated Fare Collection) systems.

Under construction..