DCP7 - Machine Vision Capable Driver Computer

DCP7 is an Onboard Computer with AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. DCP7 is equipped with 7 inches LCD and multitouch capacitive screen, allowing for comfortable user interface with the driver. The driver becomes aware of the events, occuring on the board and reliably caries his main duty – driving the bus. DCP7 provides all necessary communication recources to the rest of the onboard equipment and continuosly monitors their statuses.
Besides these, thanks to the powerful AI capable CPU system, the driver is being timely notified in the cases of sleeplesness, distraction or other forbidden actions, like smoking, drinking coffee, using handset, etc.

DCP7 is capable of carrying out seamlessly many functions, like below:

  • Provides remote conectivity (WAN) to the rest of the on-board equipment through LTE & Wi-Fi
  • Provides geographical (GPS) information to the rest of the on-board equipment
  • Monitors the current condition and the events, occuring on the on-board equipment – AFC validators / video surveillance recorders / ticket vending machines / etc.
  • Warns the driver about the alarms, captured from the CAN Bus of the vehicle
  • Views the videos from the surveillance system – from a selected or from all cameras
  • Showing geographical position and how the vehicle advances on the route
  • Issuing warning messages in case of deviation(s) from the schedule and/or route
  • Two way video/audio communication with the control center
  • Automatic announcement of next station and transfer places over a dedicated audio output and a dedicated HDMI or DP(display port) interface
  • Playing video content and issuing social information and messages via a dedicated HDMI or DP(display port) interface
  • Driver registration/authorization with contactless card and/or with PIN code
  • Driver attention monitoring based on deep learning and CNN (convolutional neural networks) – DCP7 continuously estimates driver’s sleeplesnesss and distraction, incl. head position tracking, smoking and phone usage.

Driver Computer in the AFC (Automated Fare Collection) Systems
Driver Status Monitoring in the Public Transport
Driver Status Monitoring in the Fleet Management Systems

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