BV35 - Bus Validator with QR and Contactless Card Reader

BV35 is a validator for automatic fare collection (AFC) systems in the the public transport and offers a convenient way for cashless payment in busses, trams, metros etc. transportation vehicles. The validator incorporates a QR scanner and a contactless card reader, supporting all parts of ISO14443A/B and ISO18092 (NFC). The RF chip is controlled by a separate microcontroller – System control MCU – making BV43 strictly compliant to the relevant standards – ISO14443 and ISO18092. The QR scanner is capable of reading 1D and 2D codes reliably both from paper and mobile handset screen.

BV35 has advanced wireless connectivity options such as LTE/3G/GPRS and Wi-Fi, also integrates a GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) receiver, allowing for flexible distance-based payment schemes. BV43 has IP65 rating for dust and water protection. Special countermeasures have been taken to avoid the negative impact of the vibrations. All connectors are of automotive type, i.e. with a latch, avoiding undesired accidental disconnections. The validator comes with an optional back mount for support on the pole.

The application software runs under high level OS – Linux, with special arrangement and measures for unattended use. Along with the ready to use AFC software, well documented development environment and SDK with reliable software libraries and modules are offered, allowing implementation of own software by the integrator companies. If requested training is offered as well.

Research and development (R&D) still continues.

AFC (Automated Fare Collection) cashless payment validator

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