VRM7 - Mobile Hybrid Video Recorder with LCD and Touch Screen

VRM7 is a 8 channels hybrid NVR with integrated LCD and touch screen, capable of connecting up to 4 IP cameras and additionally 4 AHD (Analog High Definition) cameras, providing reliable and high quality video coverage around the bus ad respectively recording on a SSD SATA disk. The consept of combining a display with a video recorder brings a considerable advantage in terms of saving cost, space and installation ease. It is an effective and economical choice for small and mid sized transportation vehicles, like school buses, employee service buses, public transport minibuses and midibuses.

VRM7 utilizes H.265 technology thus lowering the transmission bandwidth and saving the storage. It supports 1080P high-definition real-time recording, real-time vehicle location tracking and monitoring. Vehicle information stamp such as location, speed or other critical data can be recorded and shown in video.

VRM7 leverages wireless networks to simplify fleet management with capabilities such as remote, real-time video monitoring. Vehicle data integration and diagnostics are also carried out via CAN Bus. This remote capability keeps transit fleets in service around the clock.

VRM7 integratess a contactless card reader and a SAM slot, thus alowing for a relible driver authorization. Besides its video recording and storage capabilities, VRM7 is capable of performing on board computer functions like providing communication recourses, GPS information and similar to the rest of the on board equipment – validators, digital signage screens, LED panels, etc. VRM7 can also monitor the statuses of the connected devices and allows for comfortable management of the peripheral eqyipment by the driver.

VRM7 is capable of operating reliably in the harsh electromagnetic and mechanical environments, essential to automotive. Special countermeasures have been taken to avoid the negative impact of the vibrations. All connectors are of automotive type, i.e. with latches, that avoid undesired accidental disconnections. Special attention is paid to the wide operating temperature range within the public transport vehicles – there have been chosen appropriate automotive grade components; the power supply blocks are based on highly efficient DC-DC converters, which reduces the dissipated heat energy. There has been taken into consideration widely fluctuating supply voltage in the vehicles – MVR8 is capable of operating down to 5VDC and up to 40VDC and withstands up to 200VDC. Moreover, MVR8 power supply unit integrates high capacity supercaps, allowing for 10 second reliable system operation even after main power disconnection.

Video surveillance in humant transportation vehicles, like school buses, employee service buses, public transport minibuses and midibuses.

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