MBT4 - Face Recognition Terminal

MBT4 is a face recognition terminal based on a powerful CPU with an integrated AI coprocessor.

MBT4 is capabple of running high speed face recognition algorithms with antispoofing fetures, based on deep learning methods. For example, MBT4 identifies a person among 100.000 recorded persons within only 200 milliseconds.

Besides its face recognition capability, MBT4 detects if a persons wears a mask or not, also measures his body temperature in case he aproaches his hand to a dedicated temperature sensor. MBT4 is equipped with a very precise thermopile sensor and is capable of accurately measuring of human temperature. In addition, MBT4 has an embedded precise distance measurement sensor in order to make possible to recognize whether a hand is approached to the thermopile sensor.

MBT4 incorporates a NFC reader + a SAM slot, allowing for keeping person’s face template on a contactless card or NFC phone in an encrypted fashion and by this respecting the well known information privacy terms.

Thanks to the integrated HMI peripherals (LCD, speaker, touch screen) MBT4 offers a convenient way for user interaction, in case necessary.

MBT4 integrates rich communication options, allowing for easy integration to other existing or new centralized systems.

MBT4 application software runs under a high level OS – Linux, with special countermeasures for unattended use. Along with the ready to use software, well documented development environment and SDK with reliable software libraries and modules are offered, allowing implementation of own software by the integrator companies. If requested training is offered as well.

Access control terminal with face recognition, mask and body temperature checker features
Mask and body temperature checker in Public Transport vehicles
Mask and body temperature checker in a variety of institutions – schools, malls, government institutions, etc.

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