CR27 - Terminal with Contactless Card Reader and Dotmatrix LCD

CR27 is a smart Linux based terminal with contactless card reader, 2 rows each 16 characters monochrome dot matrix charachter LCD and a vast set of communication capabilities. The contactless card reader supports all parts of ISO14443A/B and ISO18092 (NFC). The RF chip is controlled by a separate microcontroller – System control MCU, making CR27 strictly compliant to the relevant standards – ISO14443 and ISO18092.
CR27 offers SAM support, allowing for implementation of higher security level applications.
The application software runs under high level OS – Linux, with special arrangement and measures for unattended use. Along with the ready to use access control software, well documented development environment and SDK with reliable software libraries and modules are offered, allowing implementation of own software by the integrator companies. If requested training is offered as well.

Standalone access control terminal.
AFC (Automated Fare Collection) cashless payment terminal.

Under construction..