Rdr SDK v2.2 (Old Version) MfrRC v2.2 Software Development Kit (Old Version)

The MfrRC v2.2 Software Development Kit allows you to communicate with Mifare reader device (Rdr11M, Usb11M), control the reader device and read/write data on the Mifare card.

SDK includes;

  • ProgrammersManual _021.pdf 2.1 Programmer's manual for mifare reader device (Rdr11M,Usb11M,Rdr23M).
  • MfrRC.dll 2.2.x.x Mifare reader control dynamic link library.
  • MfrRCTest.exe 2.2.x.x Simple program that use MfrRC.dll.
  • MfrRCHelp.chm 2.2 Help for MfrRCTest.exe.
  • MfrRC.dll project 2.2 Delphi7 source.
  • MfrRCHelp_022.pdf 2.2 Introduce MfrRC.dll capabilities.
  • MfrRCTest project 2.2 Delphi7 source
  • SetMfrOEM.exe - To set advanced device parameters
  • DebugViewNt 4.62 Debug viewer from www.sysinternals.com

Downloads :
MfrRC SDK v2.2.1 Setup (.zip) :Download
USB11M WinXP driver CDM 2.00.00 (.zip) :Download
Rdr11M and Rdr23M Programmer's Manual (.pdf) :Download