DTSis Com. v.1.0.6 DTSis Communication v.1.0.6
Communication program for TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Comport operations. The program is provided the data exchange between the server and the user with the 'TCP Client', 'TCP Server', 'Comport' and / or 'UDP'. Four functions can run separately on the program's interface. Upon request these functions can be made at the same time on the same window. TCP Client, TCP Server, Comport and UDP can be saved to the computer. User can continue to run after the file is saved. Program is to generate the display of the desired colors the application logs on the during exchange of data. User can follow-up application logs more easily. You can be downloaded program and document of program in the 'Download' section.

Downloads :
Dtsis Communication_v1.0.6 Setup (.zip) :Download