RDR11M GPRS / GPS based Fleet Management Terminal Additional Hardware(Contactless Card Reader)
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Technical specifications :
CPU :8 bit Microcontroller LPC936
RFID Card Reader :Fully supports ISO14443A contactless protocol, Additionally supports all types of Mifare cards (1kByte, 4kByte), Up to 70mm reading range, depending on antenna and card,
Communication :1 x RS232 Port,
I/O :2 x 1.7A power MOSFET open-drain output with a tight over current protection, 2 x Digital Input,
Indicators :2 pcs. LEDs,
Buzzer :Piezoelectric Buzzer,
Supply Voltage :DC 9V ÷ DC 30V, Consumption - 100mA / 12V average, OVP - Over Voltage Protections, OCP - Over Current Protections, TVS - Instant High Voltage,
Operating tº :(-25 Cº ÷ + 75 Cº),
Storage tº :(-55 Cº ÷ +110 Cº),
Housing :ABS Plastic,
Dimensions :88,5 x 48 x 20 [mm].