Rdr44 ISO14443A (Mifare) Reader with Ethernet Communication
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Technical specifications :
CPU :Based on a MCU with ARM7 CPU core, capable of performing 75 MIPS;
Card Reader :Fully supports ISO1443A/B contactless protocol;
Supported Tags (Cards) :Additionally supports all types of Mifare cards (1kByte, 4kByte, Ultralight, DesFire)
Reading Distance :Up to 70mm reading range, depending on antenna and card;
Communication :100 Mb/sec full duplex Ethernet communication port
Serial communication channel (UART), enabling connection of a slave reader
Memory :2 MBytes of high speed flash memory, where card read transactions and other event logs could be stored
64 KBytes of high endurance EEP, enabling storage of a frequently changing data
RTC :with a battery back-up
I/O :1.5 A over-current protected open-drain MOSFET output
Over-voltage protected TTL input
Display :2 rows 16 characters dot-matrix LCD display with adjustable backlight and contrast
Keyboard :Supports up to 25 keys (5x5 matrix)
Indicators :buzzer
Supply voltage :DC 10V-16V supply voltage
Dimensions :112 x 105 x 35 mm
Operating tº :Full functionality at -25 "C ... +75 "C environment temperatures
Current consumption :50 mA - 150 mA current consumption, depending on the antenna