Rdr43 ISO14443A (Mifare) Reader with UART RS485 Communication
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Technical specifications :
Communication :Serial RS-485 (selectable - 2 or 4 wires): 19200 bps, n, 8, 1
Comm. Protocol :Binary multi-drop, XOR CRC checked frames
Comm. Encryption :On request. (32 bit, challenge-response)
CPU :32 bit MCU (ARM7) with 128kBytes flash memory, 72 MIPS throughput
Software Updates :With programmer or through reader's own serial port
Operating frequency :13.56 MHz
Supported Tags (Cards) :ISO14443A (Mifare Standard 1kByte, 4 kB, Ultra light)
Reading Distance :Up to 70 mm, depending on card (or tag)
Mifare operations :Full Mifare functionality (encrypted read, write, value increment, decrement...)
Supply voltage :DC +10V ... +16V
Current consumption :Max. 100 mA @ 16V
Max. output voltage :DC +40V
Max. output current :DC 1.7 A
Input Voltage levels :TTL compatible voltage levels (-0.5V ... 6.5V)
Rs-485 voltage levels :-9V...+9V (all Rs485 wires are ESD protected with TVS-transient voltage suppressors)
Weight :0.3 kg
Temperature Range :-20 °C ÷ +80 °C
Dimensions :104 x 72 x 30 mm